Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources

Journal titleJurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources
AbbreviationJ. Ilm. Islam. Resour.
Frequency2 issues per year
DOIprefix 10.33096
p-ISSN1412-3231; e-ISSN 2720-9172


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Akhmad Syahid

Ansar, Ardi

OrganizerFAI Universitas Muslim Indonesia
PublisherUniversitas Muslim Indonesia
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Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources, published by Universitas Muslim Indonesia. The subject covers textual and fieldwork studies with various perspectives of law, philosophy, mysticism, history, art, theology, and many more. The journal invites scholars and researchers outside the Institute to contribute.

Thus, Indonesian and non-Indonesian scholars have enriched the studies published in the journal. Although not from the beginning Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources presents highly qualified scholarly articles, improvement in terms format, style, and academic quality never ceases. Now with articles written in Arabic and English and with the fair procedure of peer-review, JIIR continues publishing researches and studies pertinent to Islamic studies with various dimensions and approaches.

Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources, published twice a year, always places Islam and Muslim in the central focus of academic inquiry and invites any comprehensive observation of Islam as a theological belief and a system of society and Muslims as those who practice the religion with their many facets. This journal, serving as a forum for the study of Islam in Indonesia and other parts of the world within its local and challenging global context, supports focused studies of particular theme and interdisciplinary studies. Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources has become a medium of diffusion and exchange of ideas and research findings, so much so that researchers, writers, and readers from various traditions of learning have interacted in the scholarly manner.

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Mengundang seluruh peneliti dan penulis untuk menerbitkan artikelnya pada Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources, penerbitan Juni 2023  
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Terbitan Vol. 17 No. 1 2020

Jurnal Ilmiah islamic Resources kembali hadir untuk volume 17 nomor 1. Terbitan kali ini merupakan hasil pengabdian kepada masyarakat, kajian tafsir dan kajian hadits  
Posted: 2022-11-25

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Syukur alhamdulillah berkat perkenanNya dan kerja keras dari Redaksi Jurnal “Islamic Resources” Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Muslim Indonesia edisi ini berhasil diterbitkan.  
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Assalamu alaikum, kami pengelola Jurnal Ilmiah Islamic Resources kembali mengundang Bapak Ibu peneliti untuk mengirimkan artikelnya untuk terbitan bulan Juni 2021.  
Posted: 2022-11-25
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Vol 21, No 1 (2024): Juni

Table of Contents


Subaedah Subaedah, Radiatul Adawiyah, Nur Setiawati
Adnan MZ
Eni Nadira, Akhmad Syahid, Maryam Ismail, Abdul Wahab
anisa hidanti, Andi Bunyamin, nuraeni abdullah
Untung Syamsuddin Husein
Andi Ahsana Matswaya, M. Hasibuddin Mahmud, Andi Darmawangsa
Sarinah Sarinah, Ahmad Hakim, Nurlaelah Nurlaelah